America at Night Files


FILE #12
Hirschfeld Goes to Congress, Gives Up Marcos
(Sensi, Chastain, and Leonard Go with Him)

In July 1987, with Jerris Leonard and Robert Sensi in tow, Richard Hirschfeld and his ill-fated partner Bob Chastain appeared before the U.S. House of Representatives, Subcommittee on Asian and Pacific Affairs, chaired by Representative Stephen Solarz. Hirschfeld and Chastain told the story of their recent undercover dealings with deposed Philippine president Ferdinand Marcos, who had had the misfortune of hiring Hirschfeld to serve as his attorney. In his opening statement, Hirschfeld said it was Sensi who had recommended Hirschfeld contact Solarz about the Marcos matter (see p. 21 of transcript). During Hirschfeld's testimony, when he was asked why he had contacted Vice President Bush about the Marcos matter, Hirschfeld conferred off the record with Leonard (whose first client after he left the government and entered private practice was Bush), then Hirschfeld referred cautiously to Bush's role in the planning of the trip to Beirut aimed at freeing American hostages then being held in Lebanon, a trip which Hirschfeld said was organized by Sensi (see transcript pp. 55-56). "Plan to Invade the Philippines," the Subcommittee on Asian and Pacific Affairs report on Hirschfeld and Chastain's testimony, can be downloaded below.