America at Night Files


FILE #35
Bob Farmer's WQNI Announces Merger with Engin Yesil's Ntera Holdings

On March 17, 2004, WorldQuest Networks, Inc., a small publicly-traded company whose chairman was Robert A. Farmer, who at the same time was John Kerry's presidential campaign treasurer, announced that it had agreed to merge with Engin Yesil's Ntera Holdings, Inc. At the time, unbeknownst to Farmer, as a result of false information provided to the U.S. government by Richard Hirschfeld, Yesil and his companies were the target of intensive CIA, DEA, IRS, and BCIS investigations which were coming to a head and seemed to be leading toward spectacular arrests and major headlines about an important victory in the war on terror. WQNI's announcement, which I downloaded from the Internet in the summer of 2004, is shown below.