America at Night Files


FILE #36

Worldquest Owndership Profile

In June of 2004, a merger between WQNI and Ntera had been announced but not yet legally consummated. Nonetheless, WQNI's website already contained an Ownership Profile which listed Engin Yesil as WQNI's largest shareholder and Robert Farmer as its chairman. In other words, WQNI's website made it look as if the deal had already closed. At the time, Robert Farmer was John Kerry's presidential campaign treasurer and Engin Yesil and his companies were the targets of intensive CIA, DEA, IRS, and BCIS investigations which were coming to a head and seemed to be leading toward high-profile arrests on charges involving terrorism. The investigations into Yesil and his companies had been triggered by false information provided to the U.S. government by Richard Hirschfeld. As a result of information I provided Kerry and Farmer, the merger was eventually cancelled. The WQNI Ownership Profile which I downloaded from WQNI's website in June 2004 is shown below.