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The Talented Mr. Sensi

On October 10 and 11, 1987, in Washington, D.C., with his attorney Jerris Leonard at his side, Robert Sensi gave a deposition in the civil matter of Kuwait Airlines Corporation versus American Security Bank and First American Bank. In civil lawsuits, the discovery rights of the parties are much broader than the rules of admissibility used to determine what evidence may be presented in the courtroom during trial. In the deposition, Sensi faced and was required to answer a wide array of questions. In his sworn testimony, in addition to sketching the outline of his life story, while skirting around certain details of his association with the CIA, Sensi provided insights into his many talents and experiences. The deposition transcript is 559 pages long. If you don't have time to read it all, you may be interested in some of my favorite highlights. Regarding Sensi bribing a doctor to amend an embarrassing diagnosis, see pp. 188-193. Regarding Sensi arranging medical treatment for dignitaries, see pp. 138, 160, 188, 193, 302-303, 320, 355, 380. Regarding Sensi’s expertise in obtaining visas, see pp. 127-128, 163, 478-479. Regarding Sensi’s expertise in arranging prostitutes, see pp. 156, 163, 334-335, 475-476, 499-500. Regarding Sensi’s expertise in bribing professors to improve grades, see pp. 102, 107, 173-182. Regarding Sensi’s special talent for dealing with cobras kept in the Watergate apartment complex by a troublesome Kuwaiti prince, see pp. 195-197. Regarding Sensi’s expertise in dealing with the troublesome Kuwaiti prince after he beat up his slave (after starving said slave and then hanging him up, in the manner of a punching bag, in a closet in the Watergate apartment complex), see pp. 197-202. Regarding Sensi bribing Iranian government officials, see p. 435. Regarding Sensi receiving control of a multi-million-dollar Kuwait Airways slush fund, see pp. 97, 206-208, 226-227, 231-232. Regarding Sensi serving as Chairman of the Ambassador's Club, see pp. 465-466. The deposition transcript is so long that it has been divided into eleven PDF files, of about fifty pages each, all of which can be downloaded below.