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FILE #56
Sensenbrenner Bio

During my investigation in 2004, it was frequently suggested to me that, in spite of their manifold talents, Hirschfeld and Sensi could not have gotten away with all they'd been getting away with without help from inside the Washington power structure. I was eventually informed, by seemingly reliable sources, that after Hirschfeld's return to the United States in 2001, he and Sensi were actively helped by Congressman Henry Hyde, Congressman James Sensenbrenner, and prominent Washington attorney Jerris Leonard. I do not know with certainty whether Hyde or Sensenbrenner were actually involved with Hirschfeld or Sensi. Even if they were involved with Hirschfeld after his return to the U.S. in 2001, it is entirely possible that Hyde and Sensenbrenner believed they were dealing with "Richard Marshall," a businessman and Republican financier, rather than with the notorious international fugitive Richard Hirschfeld. There is no evidence that Hyde or Sensenbrenner intentionally did anything wrong. The links between Hyde and Sensenbrenner are obvious. It is a matter of public record that they were both Republican bigwigs on the House Judiciary Committee, and that they had worked together very closely to impeach Bill Clinton. Leonard and Sensenbrenner had been friends and colleagues since Sensenbrenner was seventeen. Sensenbrenner's official congressional bio is shown below.