America at Night

It was with documentary evidence, most of it available - though often thoroughly obscured - in the public record, that, in late May and early June of 2004, I pieced together the story of Hirschfeld and Sensi, and then figured out what they were really up to. All of the documents I used then, and several other relevant documents that I have found since, are listed in the Bibliography section of America at Night. Many of the source materials I found most significant or useful are also identified, chapter by chapter, and fact by fact, in the Notes section of the book.

While I encourage everyone who is interested to sift through the archives, newspaper morgues, document boxes, databases, and filing cabinets of Washington and elsewhere to see for themselves the original public record materials that play an important part of the story told in my book, many readers will not have the time or opportunity to do so. For their convenience, some of the documents most relevant to the story told in America at Night, including some which are not public record but are in my possession, can be viewed below.

1 The Ali Statement that Turned Off Khomeini
2 Saudi Gazette on Ali's Role in Levin's "Escape"
3 The Card: Robert M. Sensi, Chairman, Ambassador's Club, Republicans Abroad
4 Sensi on the Day of His Sentencing
5 The Talented Mr. Sensi
6 CIA Stipulation Regarding Sensi
7 Republican Official Robert Carter Testifies to Sensi's RNC and CIA Roles
8 Sensi Surrenders to Federal Custody
9 Sensi Says Republicans Abroad Used as a CIA Front
10 Karl Rove Starts Young
11 Bob Sensi's Second Criminal Arrest
12 Hirschfeld Goes to Congress, Gives Up Marcos
(Sensi, Chastain, and Leonard Go with Him)
13 Hirschfeld Testimony Stirs Congress
14 Ali and Hirschfeld: The Man and the Voice
15 The Photo that Proved "Marshall" was Hirschfeld
16 Hirschfeld and Marcos
17 Chastain: "Hirschfeld Impersonated Muhammad Ali"
18 Muhammad Ali Sues Richard Hirschfeld
19 Regulators Shut Down the Hirschfeld Bank of Commerce
20 The Life, Death, Burial, and Reburial of Hirschfeld's Partner Bob Chastain
21 Sensi Recruits Hirschfeld for the CIA
22 Final Judgment on the Hirschfeld Bank of Commerce
23 SEC Injunction Against Hirschfeld
24 SEC Findings on Hirschfeld's Champion Sports Management: Fraud
25 1984 Daily Report for Execs
26 SEC Bans Hirschfeld
27 Hirschfeld Testifies for Sensi
28 Hirschfeld Bails Out of Spanish Jail
29 Hirschfeld Plots to Blind a Federal Judge
30 Hirschfeld at Large in Cuba
31 GlobalNet's Proposal to Paul Bremer, Coalition Provisional Authority
32 Hirschfeld and Sensi's GlobalNet Announces Iraq Telecom Contract
33 Sensi's One Hundred Million Shares of GlobalNet
34 Looking for Links Between Hirschfeld and the Semion Mogilevich Crime Family
35 Bob Farmer's WQNI Announces Merger with Engin Yesil's Ntera Holdings
36 WQNI Ownership Profile
37 Robert Farmer, Treasurer of Kerry for President
38 Audio File: Richard Hirschfeld, Telephonically Impersonating Muhammad Ali, Pledges to Help George Bush in Presidential Campaign
39 Republican Operative Sensi Gives a Check to John Kerry
40 "Hirsch" Gives a Check to John Kerry
41 Warning John Kerry
42 Robert Farmer, Kerry's Campaign Treasurer, Faxes My Memo
43 Enter Greg Craig, Counsel to Bill Clinton and Bob Farmer
44 Official Bio of Dan Schwartz, Former General Counsel of the NSA
45 Clearing the Way for Schwartz to Represent Yesil
46 On the Lam in Kitty Hawk
47 Jailhouse Letter About Messrs. Hirschfeld and Sensi
48 A Gift from Richard Hirschfeld and Alejandro Castro
49 Arik Meimoun Adds Up the Damage
50 Engin Yesil's Wake-Up Call: The Korhan Aydin Files
51 Kroll Agency Report on Yesil
52 Nine Years Before Hirschfeld Shows Up on Yesil's Doorstep, His Partner Sues Yesil
53 The FBI Announces the Arrest of Richard Hirschfeld
54 Sensi Buys Hirschfeld a Safe House
55 Henry Hyde Bio
56 James Sensenbrenner Bio
57 Jerris Leonard and the Man with the Iron Gavel
58 Jerris Leonard, Attorney for Bush, Hirschfeld, and Sensi
59 C. Boyden Gray, Attorney for Richard M. Hirschfeld
60 DCI Casey Sought Balance Between Protecting CIA Assets and Arresting Them for Their Criminal Activities